Safety measures for overhaul of the hottest pressu

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Safety measures for maintenance of compressor room

1. Cleaning and inspection of each high-voltage switchgear, fastening of wiring, and inspection of oil switch

2. Sanitary cleaning of low-voltage distribution panel and excitation cabinet, and fastening of pressing line

3. Clean the outdoor transformer, check the oil level, and tighten the wiring

II. Construction time

8:00 on August 11, 2008 - 12:00 at present

III. construction safety measures

1 All construction personnel must strictly abide by the regulations, put an end to illegal commands and operations, obey the command of the construction director, and no one is allowed to act without the consent of the construction director

but many enterprises can't reach this basic level to facilitate the completion of automation alignment

2 Live working is strictly prohibited during the maintenance process, and the operating procedures for power cut and transmission shall be strictly observed, and the work ticket for power cut shall be strictly followed. After power failure, power inspection, discharge and three-phase short-circuit grounding must be carried out, and the power failure board must be hung, and a special person shall be assigned to watch, and the person who signs the Board shall be delisted. Or equivalent to clinical use for more than 1 year

3 Power off and transmission shall be in the charge of a specially assigned person. It is not allowed to use contact to stop power transmission. During the construction process, no one is allowed to send power without the consent of the person in charge of construction

4. Before entering the work place, the construction personnel must wear labor protection articles. When operating the high-voltage equipment circuit, the operators must wear insulating gloves and electrical insulating boots or stand on the insulating platform

5. Before power failure, the boiler room, water treatment plant and comprehensive excavation shall be informed one hour in advance before power failure

6. Pay attention to the new main shaft power supply at the lower knife edge of the primary circuit, and it is strictly forbidden to switch on

7. Report to the control room before and after construction

8. This measure must be communicated and implemented to all construction personnel and can be started only after signing

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