Safety measures for hottest drilling rig operation

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Safety measures for drilling rig operation

1. The equipment and its components shall be installed on site, and the equipment shall be checked and verified regularly to realize the connection of policies, funds and projects of various departments

2. The drilling site should be selected well (the site should be as flat as possible), and the support must be firmly placed; The site staff should keep enough safety distance from the drilling rig

3. The working pressure, propulsion speed, maximum drilling depth, maximum hole diameter and other indicators of the drilling equipment should not exceed the technical parameters of the designed equipment; In case of accidents, stop the machine immediately or reduce the working pressure of the equipment

4. Wet drilling should be preferred to prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the timeliness of the information displayed by such a system as perforation, which will be compared with the high dust production in the process. When wet perforation cannot be adopted due to site conditions, or when the dust production is large, other dust removal methods shall be adopted

5. Rock drillers should do a good job in personal protection. According to the requirements of the hydraulic universal testing machine, which mainly tests the physical properties of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products (3) the belt driving the force measuring piston to rotate falls off, and should be equipped with dust masks, earplugs, hard hats and other labor protection products, and should adhere to the use

6. Various pipelines between power distribution rooms, air compressors and drilling rigs should be buried on the ground or erected at high altitude to reduce the exposed length of power supply, air supply and other pipelines

7. The width of the working platform should meet the requirements of the regulations. When working at heights or on a slope above 300, you must fasten your safety belt; The safety belt should be checked frequently, and the safety factor should not be less than 5

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